It’s only your imagination that stops you

As you probably already know, we’ve come up with Skriware to make 3D printing available for more people. So after two years of intensive work, and countless hours of prototyping, we finally built our dreamed printer and launched campaign on Kickstarter. Our project met with a very enthusiastic response and we reached the goal two weeks before the end of the campaign.

Magic behind Skrimarket

Here at DaftCode we love to experiment with new technologies and try new things. Soon we’ll be releasing our own ass kicking home 3D printer – Skriware. It’s going to be solid, precise, affordable, but most of all extremely user-friendly. All thanks to our hardware team and awesome marketplace for 3D models. I think the technology stack we’ve used is quite interesting, so let’s dive in it.

Pair Programming demystified!

Problems of mature teams

As I work with a lot of very decent teams, the kind of teams that keep delivering commitment at the end of each sprint, the kind of teams who care about quality of code, often teams that are into software craftsmanship, I can see recurring problems of those teams:

Django Girls Are Back In Town

Have you heard about Django Girls? Well, you should’ve, because it’s the coolest workshop that teaches you Django out there! The third Warsaw edition took place on 5th and 6th of December and we’d like to share our thoughts with you about it from a perspective of an organizer, a couch and an attendee. Let’s get to it!